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Soccer Smasher is a reskin of Breakout. Rather than the player being a paddle, they play as a young boy.

Your neighbor is really mean; he forbids you from playing soccer on the playground in front of his house, which should be a public area. One day, when he is not home, you decide to give your annoying neighbor a lesson by shooting a ball at his house. Using your ball, keep breaking through the wall and furniture until you smash all breakable furniture in pieces!

This Godot game was created by Randy Kim, Ethan (Yongbo) Wang, and Zoey Laytart.

Randy: Programmer, Composer

Ethan: Animator, Character/Title Screen Artist

Zoey: Sprite Artist

Game OST: Pulses of Determination


Install instructions

Download the .zip file and decompress it. Open the .exe file inside and start playing!


BreakoutFinalREAL.zip 17 MB

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